In the Shadow of King David

Are Israeli settlers taking control of archaeological digs to manipulate
history and consolidate claims to Palestinian land? Some Israeli
archaeologists are starting to speak out.

The Palestinian village of Silwan is located just below the ancient City of
David, in the heart of Jerusalem. Archaeological digs here are under the
control of the right wing group, ELAD. The constant threat of demolition
hovers over people’s houses. It’s part of ELAD’s program to take over and
occupy large parts of Silwan and make it Jewish?, complains archaeologist Dr
Rafi Greenberg. Locals have already defeated one plan to destroy close to
100 houses. But despite this victory, the nature of Silwan has changed
beyond recognition. As Greenberg laments?The place I knew as an Arab
village with archaeology, turned into a place with armed guards, a place
with amplified symbols of Israeli presence?