We offer a number of lectures about the relationship between archaeology, politics and society. The subject can be focused on three different locations:

1. Silwan village and the archaeological site of ancient Jerusalem (City of David) – Archaeology in the Shadow of the Conflict. The lecture deals with the aspects of analyzing archaeological findings and displaying them to the public, discussing in what ways the archaeological site affects and is affected by the political conflict, and examining the relationship between the development of the site and the residents’ quality of living.

2. Jerusalem – The Old City and the Holy Basin. This lecture surveys the development of the city in different periods according to the archaeological findings, and compares the differences between historical texts and the archaeological findings. Furthermore, we will examine how the excavations affect the residents in the Old City, and discuss the connection between archaeological excavations, tourism and nationalist or religious narratives.

3. Appearance or Identity – The lecture discusses the impact of the touristic development of the Yamin Moshe neighborhood and its influence on the residents from 1960-1980, and of the village of Silwan during the last 15 years, comparing the powers that were active in Yamin Moshe with those currently at work in Silwan, and their influence on the future and character of the neighborhoods.

The Length of the lectures can range between half an hour to an hour and a half and can be accompanied by a presentation, a movie and a discussion.