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What’s the connection between a National Park and a political conflict? Why is it Jerusalem, of all Israeli cities, that has the most national parks, and why are most of them in East Jerusalem? How are archaeological sites and excavations used as tools in the struggle for public opinion, and as a means of taking control of lands belonging to Palestinian residents? These and other questions are some of the topics considered on Emek Shaveh’s tour of the National Parks in East Jerusalem. The tour includes a visit to the Jerusalem Walls National Park, the City of David and Silwan excavations, a trip to the A-Tur neighborhood, and a visit to the “Emek Tzurim” national park, as well as the planned site for the “Mount Scopus Park.”

The tour is approximately four hours in length, and includes travel on a tour bus through East Jerusalem neighborhoods, and light walking.

Pick-up and drop-off point: Gan HaPa’amon – Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem

Suggested minimum donation to cover costs: NIS 50

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Emek Shaveh publishes various reports on how archaeology is used to further political ends in the area of Jerusalem’s Old City Basin and the West Bank. We accept invitations for discussion and lectures on the topics of archaeology and politics in the City of David, the Historical Basin of Jerusalem, and the West Bank.

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