Conference: Who does Archaeology Serve?

Invitation to a public conference by Emek Shaveh: “Who does Archaeology Serve? Archaeology in the political conflict and in Israeli Society”

Wednesday, 11 February 2015, 5:30-9:30pm Nalaga’at Center, Jaffa Port

The first session will address the use of archeology in the national-political struggle over East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The second session will focus on the significance of archeology for communities residing near ancient sites and how can an excavation or archaeological site become an asset for the local community?

5:30pm-7:00pm Session 1: The Political Use of Archaeology in Jerusalem and the West Bank

Chair: Prof. Raphael Greenberg, Tel Aviv University

  1. Can Archaeology and Politics be separated in Jerusalem? –Yonathan Mizrachi, Emek Shaveh
  2. The Settlers’ Conception of the Past and Archaeology in the West Bank –Dr. Michael Feige, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
  3. Israeli Archaeological Activity in the West Bank from the Perspective of International Iaw–Neta Amar-Shiff, Diakonia International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Resource Centre
  4. UNESCO and Ancient Sites as World Heritage in the West Bank –Ramez ‘Eid, doctoral candidate in Anthropology, Bern University, Switzerland

7:20pm-9:00pm Session 2: Archaeology in the Community

Chair: Dr. Dana Hercbergs, Emek Shaveh

  1. Whom does Archaeology serve in Jaffa? Tourism versus the Residents – Sami Abu Shehadeh, PhD student at Tel Aviv University and Jaffa resident
  2. The National Park in Beit She’an from the residents’ perspective—blessing or curse? –Yigal Mazor, Beit She’an resident
  3. The Archaeological Site as an Interface with the Community and the Local Authority – Dr. Nili Shchory, urban planning and economic development specialist
  4. Jewish-Arab Excavation as Community Empowerment in Lod – Dr. Tawfiq Da‘adli, Hebrew University, archaeologist and Lod resident

The conference is supported by forumZFD

“Na laga’at” Center:

Retsif Haaliya Hashniya, Jaffa Port

Tel Aviv

To download an invitation as PDF file, click here.



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