Conference: Does the Old City as a multicultural historic space require protection?

Emek Shaveh and Erev Rav invite the public to a panel


Does the Old City as a multicultural historic space require protection?


Wednesday 9th, May, 2018, 7 pm, Hansen House in Jerusalem

Since 1967 and particularly in the last decade Israel has been developing numerous archaeological sites, tourist attractions, museums and holy sites in the Old City and its surroundings which centre around a Jewish-Israeli narrative. In light of the planned opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem and to mark Jerusalem Day we will consider several issues: Does Israel successfully protect the Old City as a multicultural historic space? After 51 years of Israeli rule in East Jerusalem, has the presence of “non-Israelis” in the Historic Basin diminished or is it flourishing? And what is the impact of these processes on the residents of the Old City, on tourism, on the political struggle and on the relations of various publics to the city and its heritage?

Panel members:

Ms. Ofra Regev, lecturer and tour guide specializing in Islamic sites, and a social activist in East Jerusalem

Attorney Nisreen Alyan, the Association of Civil Rights (ACRI), the East Jerusalem Project

Prof. Doron Bar, President of Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies

Professor and Architect Hillel Schocken, formerly the head architect with the Jerusalem Foundation, involved in the design of the Museum of the Tower of David and former board member

Chaired by: Yonathan Mizrachi, archaeologist and Executive Director of Emek Shaveh