The government approved the Cable Car to the Old City

The outgoing government today voted on and approved the plan to build a cable car to the Old City in a move that breaks with all rules of good governance.

Earlier this year, the cable car was processed through the National Infrastructure Committee rather than submitted for approval through the usual planning committees. Today, in a shocking deviation from principles of good governance, the government housing cabinet of the transitional government gave its final approval to the project.

The government has not been able to approve budgets for the disabled and for health, yet it manages to approve a budget of 220 million shekels for a tourism venture. This indeed  summarizes the priorities of the outgoing government.

Emek Shaveh approached the attorney general in the past about the issue and intends to appeal to the High Court of justice in the next few days. In our opinion, a transitional government is not authorized to approve national projects of this magnitude and with such significant political implications for Jerusalem. The appeal to the High Court is intended to prevent the destructive impact that a cable car will have on the Old City landscape and on the fragile political situation in Jerusalem.