Coalition for the Preservation of the Historic Basin

Together with other civil society organizations and public bodies who value Jerusalem’s Historic Basin as a unique historical, cultural and religious site that should be safeguarded from development and construction, we have established the “Coalitio

‘Peace to Prosperity’ plan

For the last twenty years, the settlers together with successive right-wing governments have invested efforts in creating a Bible land in Jerusalem. An examination of the section on Jerusalem’s Historic Basin in President Trump’s ‘Peace to Prosperit

High Court of Justice - Why Public Spaces in the City of David are Closed

The High Court of Justice Demands an Explanation from the Nature and Parks Authority as to Why Public Spaces in the City of David are Closed to Silwan’s Residents on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays On Tuesday, January 14, 2018, the High Court heard

Archaeological-political tours

Next tours

Details and registration to the coming tours to Silwan/City of David or the National Parks (The Green Belt) in East Jerusalem. Emek Shaveh’s archaeological tour in the Village of Silwan and at City of David aims to expose the cultural wealth of the

An Alternative Guide to the City of David Archaeological Park

A guide for the visitor to the City of David National Park in Silwan. The guide features information about the archaeological site, the way it is being run, and how the antiquities are presented to the public.